My story

Hi I’m Ells I’m 23 and an Aries. I have the most amazing man and even more amazing dog Arnie my black lab. I have 1 sister Kate and my mum and dad who I love to the moon and back. I am a train beauty therapist who has worked in the uk, France and Greece. My passion is beauty and travel, 2 things that make me happy the most ( apart from my loved ones obvs ) and that is what you’ll find me waffling on about on here. I hope you all enjoy.

It might seem like I have it all together ? Don’t be silly, of course i don’t. I’m a typical girl who messes up, makes mistakes and struggles, but that’s why I’m here. This helps me, writing to you all helps and I hope reading my blogs help you too.

Love Ells xxxxxx

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