My New Adventure.

My New Adventure.

So I arrived in Kos on the 1st of May. I will be living/ working in Kos until the start of November and here i will be managing a salon inside the Lakitiria Beach Resort.

The resort I’m working in is absolutely beautiful and it has been so hot – 28 degrees for the first few days which has been heaven but, wow I’m already in love the island it’s so beautiful.

There’s no messing around here straight into work i go, Setting up the salon. The resorts that Mark Warner use in the winter and summer get packed down as the season comes to the end, which means when the season starts again the managers and heads of departments fly out a week or so earlier to the resort before the hotel opens, this is called start up! When I arrived to my spa its all empty rooms apart from 2, which have all the equipment pack away and labelled, this means i get to redesign the spa to how i’d like it too look. Also in start up you get training for example the standards that are expected, customer service, rules and regulations, which we then go over with our staff members once they’ve arrived.

We have an container which arrives from England with all our stock on. This arrived 6 days into being here and it took the whole team about 4 hours just to unload it. So on the container there was boats, bikes, childcare and of course all the beauty stock! And there was a lot of it.


It’s crazy all the buildings are so pretty there all white and blue and the sea is an unreal turquoise colour! The only thing i’m not a fan of is there Creatures the Ants the same size of spiders and the spiders jump and I’ve now been bitten to shreds by mosquitoes. I can’t go to bed until i know there isn’t a mosquito left in my room… and yes that means I’ve been running around my room at night with a flip flop in my hand, trying to get them.

I’ve gone from eating pizza. pasta, burgers, and a ridiculous amount of cheese in the Alps to eating Greek yogurt and Greek salads. I’m starting to feel like i could be one of those healthy girls we all dream of being but we just love our food to much. Going off that i had my first gyros, so maybe that lifestyle wont be for me. 

The food is to die for, as you all know i love to eat out. so that is what I’ve been doing. I been to a few Greek restaurants and have had the best chicken and  halloumi I’ve ever tasted, the cocktails are pretty good too.I also think that eating your food and sipping on a cocktail while watching the sunset over the sea just makes everything better.

We were lucky enough to have a half day on Friday and Saturday off so naturally we all went to the beach to get the last few rays before we had to get ready for dinner. It was so lovely as everyone came for dinner just before all the craziness of the general staff arriving. We went to a restaurant called ‘Chindian’ which is THE best restaurant ever!! They serve Indian food and Chinese food, yes i know… I was in food heaven. After we all went out had a few drinks and a boogie.

On Saturday a few people were feeling a bit worse for wear but we went for brunch at Skala ( which is my favourite place to go) and then on to a place called kool pool. This is a swimming pool in the middle of the town with sun beds all around the outside, oh and free to get into which is a bonus. we spent all day here recovering, sun-bathing and laughing the day away.


I am now ready for the next week of start up and for the hotel to open.

Back To Reality.

Back To Reality.

Well what a 5 months!

It was so strange coming home, It was almost like I’d been gone 5 minutes and the whole season was a dream.

Coming home was filled with lots of emotion but excitement was the main one. Getting to see my family, friends and of course my dog.

I came home to birthday banners, presents and all my favourite foods. My first meal back was a curry, now this I’ve been craving all season.

I’ve had an amazing 2 weeks at home, going out for lots of lunches, dinners, day trips catching up with everyone, lots of walks with my pup and celebrating my birthday.

It is very strange to be back in the UK seeing grass and flowers and enjoying the joys of the English weather. I was actually very lucky to experience the 3 days of sun that England had although I wasn’t able to apres in the mountains I made the most of the beer gardens and cocktail bars terrace.

I got to see some of my Frenchie pals from Tignes we all met up in London. Now that was weird seeing everyone in normal clothing and to see them in the big city, It was so lovely too see everyone and to talk about the season, which made me miss it even more… But that isnt it for me.

I’m off again, off to work in Greece for 7 months on a beach resort in Kos as a Salon Manager. I cant wait to be on a beach in the sun with a cocktail… oh and of course working hard.

See you in Greece.

The End Is In Sight.

The End Is In Sight.

With my last few weeks remaining in the alps were all trying to make the most of it which yes, means we’re going out every night.

My season has been filled with so many memories, laughter and a ridiculous amount of shots and I’m going to miss it.

Everyday theres a new battle of is there any hot water today, can we ski or is it a white out and have we got pasta for lunch again. Is there any toilet roll in the flat? What complaints we will have this week, can we afford to drink anything nicer than chalet wine! Where we’re going out and where to pre drink, wether to walk home or to wait for the bus or am I going to run out of pants this week because the washing machine is always in use.

So I came to the mountains to do the job that I love but it’s seems that wasn’t the only job I’d be doing… you end up doing EVERYTHING from being a chef to bar work to chalet. Everyone helps everyone out.

I got to spend my 21st in the alps with all these amazing people and i have to say I think it was the messiest 2days of my life, but it was so worth it. I’m so thankful and happy I got to spend it here, it was so special.

I’m well and truly going to miss the mountains and all the crazy people that have crossed/made my season that little bit more wild, but I’m excited for what my next adventure holds.

Tignes you have been unreal, Thank you.

New Chapter.

New Chapter.

Wow. What a 3 months.

For some of you who don’t know, i got offered an insane job in Tignes, France.

Yes that’s right i’m now a Seasonair.

I am working for a company Called Mark Warner in a hotel call the Aguillie Percee, Managing the spa.

I don’t really know where to start…

It’s so hard to put my experience into words.

I live with 8 people, who are the best. The people I work and live with are just all so amazing all we do is laugh, i couldn’t ask for better people to have on my first season.

The Fact I’ve learnt to ski.

Apres is the best thing ever! They have a club in the mountains in between Tignes and Val Desire call Folie Douce which is crazy and just something i just never even expected.

I have well and truly fallen in love with the mountains.                                                         I’ve never been to a ski resort before so it was a completely new experience for me. I couldn’t get over how much snow they get here and avalanches happening or being set off left, right and centre being so strange the bangs are that loud it really did scare the life out of me but now it’s a completely normal sound. Some days we have here are called ‘white outs’ which are crazy because you just cant see anything and it just feels like your in a snow globe.

To start off with it felt like i’d been here for ever and now knowing I’m over half ways through and will be going home in 8 weeks is crazy, i really don’t want this experience to end.

It really is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Sassy Siren collection

Sassy Siren collection

Can we all just take a minute and appreciate how beautiful these brushes are.

Ive seen the Spectrum brushes advertised everywhere.

I first came across them about 2 years ago at a beauty show. I loved the colour of the Attention Seeker collection so of course I had to treat myself to some.

I absolutely loved them!

I’d been looking out for there stall at other shows but luckily I came across them last weekend at the beauty show and had to treat my self!

These are the Sassy Siren collection.

I really like all the brushes but these are my 3 favourites out of the collection.

C02, A12, A17

I think everyone needs theses brushes, not just because there pretty to look at but because there really good quality and I’ve never been let down by them.

Brighton – up your day! 

Brighton – up your day! 

There’s something about being at the beach which makes life better and having your best friend there with you is the best thing I could ask for. I went to surprise one of my best friends holly at uni in Chichester and we went to Brighton for the day/night. 
On our way to the hotel we walked though the cobbled streets of Brighton past the shops and of course went in a few … or 10. 

After finally making it to our hotel we went for a spot of lunch … (me and holly can eat for England) we pigged out. We Went to a lovely restaurant called Buddies which over looked the beach. 

We ordered the double chicken BLT burger and chips, large. 
Now feeling like we’re going to explode we sat on the beach people watching ( I love to do this) and put the world to right. We were so lucky as the sun was shining and it was full of an amazing atmosphere on the beach and in Brighton. 

Walking along the pier listening to the sea gulls and the terrible fun fair music that reminds you of your childhood. Having to play on the 2p slot machine are always a must then we sat and ate fresh doughnuts on the deck chairs while watching the sunset. We had dinner at a restaurant called Abadeen which is on one of the side streets in Brighton and I have to say the food and service was amazing! Me and holly shared a massive bowl of mussels in cream and garlic sauce and of course chips too! 

The staff were very friendly, easy to talk to and made us feel at home. 

Our waiter was very welcoming and was more than happy to stand and chat to us instead of taking our order and leaving.  

It’s safe to say we eat our way through the day! 

Brighton is a must especially with friends. 

Top 5 Travel Essentials

Top 5 Travel Essentials

I love going on holiday and seeing different places, but when it comes to packing I’m terrible I just want to take everything I own with me. 

I have limited my self to only pack what I need not what I might wear or use.

I think packing for any holiday away is hard so I’m going to share with you my top 5 travel essentials ( excluding passports, money and phones etc ).


1. I have to say my most important travel essentials is suncream, I use Clarines SPF 30, why? I burn like there’s no tomorrow, I can be in wales in March and burn. SPF is very important to me especially as I have very fair skin. I started to use Clarins suncream about 4 years ago and found it just suited my skin which I was over the moon about, as I’d had reactions to a few others suncreams. 

2. MAC Lip conditioner – This is new to my travel essentials. I think it’s great to take a lip balm away with you as your lips get dry and saw in the sun or wind and rain. I started to use my MAC Lip Conditioner in December and have found it’s kept my lips soft and smooth.

3. A Moisturiser – I use Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance moisturiser when I go on holiday, Because I burn so easily I like to use a heavyweight intense moisturiser to put on my face once out the sun just to keep my skin hydrated and fresh. I think everyone should have a really good moisturiser to take with them on holiday no matter what weather condition.

4. Moroccan oil – I started to use Moroccan Oil about a year ago and my hair is in much better condition and it’s grown loads since using it. So wether I’m in the pool, the sun or trenchal rain My hair will be needing some moisture. It also makes my hair very soft and shiny, which I love. 

5. A Selfie Stick – It has to be in your top 5. We all need photos taken when we’re away and when there’s no one to take them the Selfie Stick is perfect, especially if you want to capture the view as well!