Sail Croatia

Wow, words can not describe how incredible this  holiday was, I would recommend Sail Croatia 18-35s to everyone! Keep reading to find out just how amazing it was.

Sail Croatia 18-35s – I’m sure you’ve all gathered what sort of holiday this is but it wasn’t just getting drunk. Myself and Jon flew to Split a day before our trip officially started, yes the heat and the smell of being abroad hit us as we got off that plane and our faces lit up knowing we had a week together in the sun. we arrived at our accommodation at around half 5 so naturally you get changed to go and explore oh and obviously find somewhere to get a glass of wine or two. Split is beautiful, full of history and pretty back streets leading to markets and restaurants, perfect!

A couple of drinks later on the seafront we decided it was time for dinner – bare in mind it was 32 degrees at half 8 at night, we stumbled across a cute little restaurant down one of the backstreets and ordered a bottle of wine to share. Turns out it wasn’t a bottle of wine it was a litre… here we go, zulu warrior haha just kidding, oh i had a pizza of course with chilli oil.

Day 1. We had to be out of our accommodation by half 10 as we were expected to be at the harbour for 1 o’clock. Why did we have to be at the harbour? Because we were living on a boat for 7 days!! Exciting I know! Breakfast on our mind we had a wander round trying to find somewhere nice but plop… that’s right … the only thing you didn’t want to happen … it happened to me… a big badass bird pooped on me. Drama I know. The worst thing is there was a man filming an interview and it definitely got caught on camera, already tried to find it on youtube, haha.

Anyway after Jon managed to get  the poop out of my hair, using all the makeup wipes I’d taken. We found the closest laundrette to wash my playsuit and bag. Breakfast was long overdue (and a glass of wine, don’t judge we’re on holiday and I have just been pooped on), as you can see from the picture it was good.

1pm at the harbour. We made it. Before we got told anything a lady from the company offered us an inflatable for the week (had to put a deposit down incase we broke it) there was a big choice but deffo the big watermelon for us to share #couplegoals. And here goes. We were told which boat we’d be on for the next 7 days, which we shared with 4 other people and our skipper. Health and safety out the way, bags in the room, cozzies on and on the top deck to set sail and get to know each other. Immy and Eddie, a couple from Southampton and Laura and Shannon, two crazy Aussies travelling around Europe on their last stop. Oh and of course our skipper pabs.

First stop, Milna.

Swim stop, with the drinks flowing. There were 5 boats in total and they all followed each other around so there was a big group of us all in. In the water we go on our inflatables to get to know everyone else before dinner. Milna, a little island near Split, was so pretty and secluded.

We had to get from the boat to land via a little dingy, definitely different, we arrived at the restaurant (they book the restaurant for us each night ) the food…was definitely interesting.

As we made it back to the boat we found out we hadn’t tied up our dingy so it was floating in between us and the boat but don’t worry pabs came to save us. It was pabs (our skippers) first tour by himself so he tried his hardest to get it all right.  But we loved him already (he made the holiday). Pabs name was actually Carlos but Immy didn’t get the memo and was calling him Pablo and now naturally it was his new name for the week.

Day 2 we set sail first thing to Makarska, with a swim stop half way. (You’ll start to see a pattern each day). Once we arrived we went to do a food shop but most importantly a drink shop, we had to find our own restaurant tonight before the pirate party – a rave in a cave… on the beachfront. We had heard there was a great jumping spot, most of us chickened out but Laura and some of the other guys went for it. There was music playing and the sun was out, what more could you want. The restaurant was so pretty and perfect, eating and drinking while the sunsets we were all ready to get back to the boat for pres. Roll on the cave, it was definitely a good night we all woke up the next morning with sore heads ready to set sail again.

Day 3 – Myself and Laura made the crew scrambled eggs, toast and ham, you’re limited on a boat and the fridge was full of drink, ha. You know what’s coming, swim stop. Oh and we bought the best thing for our swim stop, see, I’m sure you all agree. We arrived at our 3rd destination -Jelsa. This way by far my favourite place. It didn’t have much going on but some lovely restaurants around the harbour, a few cute shops but oh wait we were going WINE TASTING!! Just look at the pictures.

I’ve never done wine tasting before but always wanted to. When we arrived we got welcomed with a shot, not what i was expecting if i’m honest but definitely not complaining. The scenery was absolutely stunning. On our table was fresh cheese, ham, bread and 3 types of oil all made on the vineyard as well as shots and wine. We tried 2 white 1 rose and 1 red oh and a shot or two in between each one, they really didn’t hold back on the wine, large glasses of wine all the way. Feeling merry we noticed a baby donkey, cute. How perfect is life when your happy,wavy in a vineyard in a beautiful part of Croatia sipping wine and stroking a baby donkey #lifegoals.  

Time to sober up, joking we got back to the boat everyone went for a cocktail before dinner and of course we all had wine at dinner, oh and ice cream for pudding on the way back to the boat.

On this night I found it hard to sleep and had been awake since 4 am, bucket list moment, watching the sunrise. Wake up Jon, we’re going to watch the sun come up, we walked to the end of the harbour, sat on the wall and just watched, peacefully. There’s something so magical about watching the sunrise!

Part 2, coming soon.

Love Ells xxx

Sail Croatia, continued…

Off we go again to our next stop Hvar. They say it’s just like the south of France and known for its lively bars, oi oi. Our little crew went to explore, the views from the Spanish Fortress were incredible yep we walked all the way up there in 30 degree heat midday, but it was so worth it. We weren’t actually staying on the island, we stayed a 40 minute ferry journey out on a little jungle island.

We got back to our boat at about 5pm and we all know that’s a perfect time for swimming and drinks before getting ready for dinner. Most nights all the boats would eat in their groups and we’d all meet up after for drinks. We found a little restaurant at the top of the island in the middle of the jungle ( mosquitoes everywhere) the food was amazing and the wine went down, well … a little too well. Tonight was different. We had a big night out planned in Hvar. The music filled the streets, the shots went down smoothly and we all had pizza at the end of the night – yes that is definitely a sign of a good night, now on the ferry back to the boat.

The next day the wind was strong and the waves were choppy, yes we all had our heads over the side of the boat. This was one of the longest journeys we had to do and the conditions couldn’t have been any worse for the state we were all in, but the sun was shining!

We arrived at Vis, feeling a little better and what could we see when we pulled up? That’s right, a moped hire shop, and that was the rest of the day set. We drove round the island exploring, ah it was perfect. When we arrived back we started to realise that when you were off the boat you felt like you were bobbing up and down, a strange feeling when on land really.

Our restaurant for the night was a little walk away but the food made up for it, tuna steak yum. One of the things I like most about being abroad is that most of the shops are open after dinner, so you can have a mooch but the best thing of all is when the ice cream shop is open.

The end is near! After our swim stop, which is where the submarines used as their tunnel, great jumping point – I chickened out, again. Our last stop before arriving back to Split was the island Colta, there wasn’t much going on at this stop but it did have a few restaurants, a beach and a shop, which don’t worry sold beer!

Off to the beach! This evening the skippers are making us dinner – tomato pasta. However me and Jon decided to go for a romantic dinner for 2! Oh wow it was definitely worth it, the food was out of this world (i’m guessing you’ve all caught on to how much I like to eat) Jon had sea bass, I had chicken in a creamy sauce and we shared BBQ grilled veg and mushrooms, my favourite. 

Back to split we go, we were sad that we were going to leave our holiday friends, but we still had one last night. We couldn’t believe that it was a week ago we arrived in Split for our first night. We thought we’d explored most of it but we were wrong. There were some amazing historical buildings we’d missed. We also had to go to find the bus station and get our tickets ready for tomorrow and reluctantly hand back our watermelon!

A bar crawl was the plan for this evening. We grabbed a burrito or burger from this little take out place oh and the worst vodka pink lemonade I’ve ever tasted! While we were at the first bar of the night, all sat together a big firework display started. It really was a perfect finish to a perfect holiday.

I watched the sunrise again before we packed our bags and said bye to our new friends.

This is a holiday I would massively recommend, we were anxious about what sort of holiday it would be and whether it was suited for couples but it definitely was! I think the main thing was that we were teamed with such great people, they really made our holiday. We all still keep in touch!

I’ve been sitting in the garden in the sun with a cheeky vodka lemonade writing this and it really felt like I was back there. As soon as isolation is over I’m on that first plane out of here, roll on the next story.

Love Ells xxxxx

A birthday to remember!

I have to say my amazing other half, Jon, really pulled it out the bag for my birthday. It was no easy feat given we were in lockdown, so planning the day’s activities and organising the food and drink while keeping it all secret was somewhat impressive!

He bought me my presents in bed and made me poached eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast followed by fluffy pancakes covered in nutella. yummy, I know! It was a good start!

Jon had planned 4 themes to the day, and before each theme, I was given a clue so that I could try and guess the theme. If I got it wrong I had to do a shot!

Theme 1 started at around 1pm and the clue was how many stars are on the American flag (its 50 if your wondering). I answered it wrong… first shot of the day to me. 

For our first theme, America we had hot dogs with all the trimmings and of course beer!

We spent the next hour or so with a few games of cards – cheat, it turns out, is a good drinking game. If you called out cheat and you were right they had to have a shot and if you were wrong you had the shot. Its quite simple to pick up, but trying not to laugh while cheating is something i’m not good at.

Theme 2 – where is pit-bull from? Cuba! I got this one right so no shot for me, bring on the mojitos. Becky (Jon’s sister) gave me a step by step class in how to make them and safe to say, they tasted amazing.  Our Cuban dish was garlic and chilli prawns on garlic ciabatta bread, yum!

Cupcakes arrived, followed by a boozy game of ring of fire!! Always a good game to get a party started – even though ours was well underway. It was about 6pm, golden hour had hit, the tunes were playing and we were all wavyy babyyy.

Time for Theme 3!  How tall is the Eiffel tower? 984 feet don’t you know! I didn’t so another shot for me. Out came the Rose wine and camembert with warm bread, I love cheese so this went down a treat (we didn’t have the French flag printed….).

Music and cards carried on until the last theme of the night.

I know what you’re thinking; surely I can’t eat anymore food. But you are wrong. 

Last theme – what colours are the Italian flag and in the right order? I got the colours right but not the order… final shot of the night along with pizza! Tomato, mozzarella and salami and a lot of ketchup, yes that’s right, don’t judge.

Evening had arrived and it was now dark, the fairy lights were on the table were doing their thing. We were having such a nice time you could hear our laughter carrying on into the night. Next to the living room ready for cake!

Ha-ha, I was full for cake (surprised?) I face-timed home for a quick update on the day and to hear my family sing happy birthday! It was lovely. 

I really did have a great day and I’m so grateful for everyone who helped make a quarantine birthday one to remember.

Hope your all safe and well,

Love Ells xxxxxx

The Makeup Edit.

The Makeup Edit.

Treat yourself, you’re in quarantine!

Well, you know how it is, any excuse to treat myself!! Sometimes I just do it because it’s a Tuesday – you know, “treat yourself Tuesday”?!  I know it’s not really a thing but it is in my world haha!

As it is my birthday this week and we’re all stuck indoors. I decided I wanted a nice new lipstick – let’s call it a happy birthday to me lipstick”.  I also told myself I wasn’t going to spend a lot of money (spending money is what I’m best at) as … well we don’t really know what’s going on in the world at the minute.  I told myself to be sensible as I might not get paid next month, I have bills to pay, oh and yeah, I’m buying a house too!

However, before I knew it the lipstick then became a gloss, a highlighter, eye shadow (you get where this is going) so it became a big happy birthday to me and this is what turned up the next day…a lot!!!

I don’t really know where to start so let’s break it down and start off with the base.:

Two Faced Hangover –  good to go, this a moisturiser with SPF 25, smells so good.

YSL Pure Shots – it’s a night re boost serum

Peppermint holka holka – I decided to get this as it’s meant to help remove blackheads and help with congestion. My face could do with a detox.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation – it’s’ a foundation I’ve used on models before but never on myself – i was also getting bored of my MAC foundation and wanted to try something new. I have to say it’s one of the best foundations I’ve used in a while, it leaves your skin looking flawless.

Then onto eyes….

Two Faced Pretty Rich Diamond eye shadow palette – first off, not only are the colours amazing but the packaging is soooo pretty.

Illamasqua solid pigment in Roxy – I just couldn’t’ resist, it was too pretty not to have.

Stardust – I loved that it was glittery and multi-coloured.  It will be great for a stronger evening look.

Pure pigment in PP-Fervent – you just can’t go wrong with a loose pigment. I also didn’t have a loose pigment this colour.

Illamasqua Precision Gel Liner – I prefer a gel liner to a liquid liner. It’s a really nice creamy texture, glides on nicely and the pigment is great.

Mac Eye shadow x9 – I chose this because the colours really jumped out at me! It’s more of a dusky pallet which I liked and will suit my skin tone. So in the basket it went!

Spectrum brush B06 Tapered Blender – thought this cheeky number could be added. I always find I use the same few eye shadow brushes and this brush is great for blending that smokey eye.


Highlighter and bronzer…

Illamasqua Beyond Powder Highlighter in OMG Burst – firstly how could you just not buy something so pretty and sparkly (yes, I’m basically a magpie haha!!)? Highlighter is something I struggle with as I can never seem to get the right one for me, so fingers crossed for this one. I’ve used this a few times now, it gives those cheekbones a beautiful shine.

Spectrum A10-Small fanI got the brush to use with the highlighter. I like the fan brushes a lot, especially when used to apply on the tip on the nose it’s not too heavy looking.

Two Faced Sweetie pie radiant bronzer – this just looks insane, it’s so pretty. I use the Anastasia contour kit medium, if you’d asked me a year ago I’d have told you it’s the best thing since sliced bread but now I’m not so sure as I find it goes patchy. I’ve also noticed that on Instagram the dewy/shimmery look is in (this product is yet to turn up:( ).

Spectrum A05-Precision Blush – This brush is great for your bronzer it can give the definition and a fluffy, blended look also.


Lips – Oooh la la…the REAL reason this whole shopping spree happened:

YSL oil in stick 89 Rose Blazer – I’ve always wanted one of these lipsticks but never treated myself to one. So today is the day I officially have one – happy birthday to me!! Yay!! It has a creamy texture, smells insane and lasts a few hours when you’re not drinking G&Ts.

YSL The lip styler 03 Prune – because obviously you can’t have a lipstick without a liner.

Burberry Lip velvet crush Dark Russet 70 – This. Is. My. New. Best. Friend. Everrrr!! It’s so lovely to apply and the colour is to die for. I’d highly recommend this one.


So there you have it. They say that money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you makeup which is pretty much the same thing if you ask me! 

Happy Isolation – make sure you do something today to make yourself smile but STAY INDOORS!!

Love Ells xxxxxx

March Favourites.

March Favourites.

As we have all the time in the world at the moment i decided to get back into my blogging and what best to do it as a good old march favourites.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 faves

First off – Hair care

  1. Wella elements leave in conditioning hair spray – not only does it smell divine but its a best friend to your hair, it leaves it shiny, conditioned and soft. It’s always been my go to when i’m struggling with my hair, if it feels dead and lifeless.
  2. The remanision circle – Liberty London. Hopeless hair extreme repair mask. I run it through my ends, put it in a bobble and leave it in overnight to sink in – Wash it off in the morning leaving hair repaired and healthy looking (also smells amazing)

Second – Skin care 

  1. Is clinical face wash – This is one of the best cleansers i’ve found that works for my skin. Not only is it deep cleansing as it gets into your pores and gives them a deep clean it’s also resurfacing leaving your skin with a fresh healthy glow also balances your skin’s pH level leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft.
  2. Elemis oxygenating marine cream – the perfect night cream, it feels so luxurious and rich – smells beaut too, It’s like an overnight mask full of goodness for your skin helping with hydration and ageing.

Lastly – Body.

  1. Soap and glory body butter. Oh my goodness isn’t this just the best smell ever ( if you hadn’t guessed yet 80% of the reason I buy things is because of the smell).
  2. St Moriz tanning mist. This is perfect for tanning my face and neck. I struggle to get the tan right, it always goes patchy- wheres with this you get an even coverage all over. 


I hope that quarantine isn’t so bad for you all. Keep your chin up we are another day closer to being on a plane going to that hot country where we are dreaming of sipping a pina colada.


It’s Officially Autumn.

So today is officially the first day of autumn according to Google, although we have felt the changes in the last week or so but it’s official autumn is here.

I think the thing we all love about autumn is the beautiful colour change to all the warm red sand oranges with ‘golden hour’ almost being every hour.

Myself I love it most when I’m walking my dog in the crisp morning being able to see your breath and the cobwebs being highlighted by the sun. – that my dog also loves!

Also when the fire gets lit late afternoon on a Sunday when dinner starts to get prepared and the sun starts to go down and we all get ready to watch a film.

So today that is just what I did.

I decided to do some baking as it was a gloomy day outside – tomato soup, green tomato chutney and a cinnamon apple pie. Yes it has autumn written all over it!

First off – Tomato Soup

This is all the ingredients you need ( inc. salt and pepper )

Just pop all the ingredients in a large pan on the hob.

Leave to simmer for about 40 minutes. Until it looks like this.

Next, liquidised what’s left to a smooth consistency.

You can add more stock or flavouring to suit your liking.

Then to finish off I added some fresh pepper, basil and homemade cheesy croutons.

Next up – Green Tomato Chutney.

This is super easy, just pop it all in a pan on the hob and let it simmer for 25 minutes on a medium heat then turn down the heat to low and leave to simmer for another 25 minutes.

Make sure you keep stirring every so often as it can burn if left.

If your not a fan of hot/spicy food I would half the amount of chilli ( I love spice).

This is how it should look once it’s finished. Then just find some jam jars and place it in. And there you have it.

Lastly Cinnamon Apple pie, yum.

The pastry ingredients.

Mix the butter and sugar together, add 1 egg and 1 egg yolk – keep the egg white for later. Add the flour and mix until it gets harder, roll into a ball and wrap in cling film. Then pop in the fridge for 45 minutes.

Put the oven on gas 190.

The filling ingredients.

Just mix it all together until the apples are covered in the dry ingredients.

Break 2/3rds of your pastry off, roll out into a big enough circle to fit your pan of choice. Place in the pan, leaving a slight over hang. Then pop the filling in.

For the lid – you can simply roll the rest of the pastry out in to a circle to cover the rest of the pie.

However I decided to give a lattice top ago. I rolled my remaining pasty out and cut into 6 strips evenly sliced, weaved them into each other and placed on top.

Used my remaining egg white to wash over the top, sprinkled some cinnamon and sugar over too for added flavour.

In the oven it goes for 45 minutes.

And there you have it! Your cosy autumn day is planned.

Here’s to the next month of all the reds and oranges – the open fire, pretty leaves, the pumpkins, pinecones, conkers and bobble hats!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Beautiful Bride.

I travelled to Kos in early May to manage the beauty salons for Mark Warner. Knowing that I would very likely be required be the makeup artist for one (or more) weddings. So naturally I had to bring an extra suitcase for all the necessary cosmetics (well that was my excuse!)

For Justine – my first bride – we chatted and decided on simple and natural look for her big day, although you need to apply a little more than usual as the camera makes more look less. And we’re in a hot country and so it does need to fight against the heat. Justine had been on a shopping spree to Charlotte Tilbury and decided on the make-up she wanted – which was helpful. justine.jpg

Here is a break down of what I used. First of all we prepared the skin.

Charlotte Tilbury – Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Elemis – Rehydrating ginseng toner

Elemis – Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm

Elemis – Maximum Moisture Day Cream


Charlotte Tilbury – Charlotte’s Magic  Foundation Shade 4

Charlotte Tilbury – Hollywood Flawless Filter 2


Charlotte Tilbury – Airbrush Flawless Finish – Fair


Charlotte Tilbury – Legendary Brows – Perfect Brow


Charlotte Tilbury – Eyes to Mesmerise – Jean

Charlotte Tilbury – Luxury Palette – The Sophisticate


Charlotte Tilbury – Filmstar Bronze & Glow – light to medium


Charlotte Tilbury – Lip Cheat – Pillow Talk

Charlotte Tilbury – Matte Revolution – Pillow Talk

You can see from the photographs that Justine looked just lovely; she has a naturally content look about her so the make-up I used only enhanced her natural radiance. In essence that is what I want to achieve as well as bringing out Justine’s favourite features which in turn makes her look beautiful and radiant on her special day in front of all her friends, family and most importantly the groom!justine and jono

Keep your eye out as my beautiful bride will be featuring in the County Brides magazine – August edition.

But First, Skin Care Review.

img_7134.jpgFirst of all let us all just take a minute and appreciate how cute this bag is! This is definitely a bag I would use for my skincare or even my makeup when I go off on my travels. Not only do I love the pattern of the bag you can fit a lot in it too.

So, in the salon where I’m currently working this is what we’re giving away and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one. In this is gift set are five travel size products, three for skin-care and two for body-care.

This is what they are.

Skin care product No.1 – Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser.


This product is so luxurious. I think that because it’s really creamy and has a thicker texture just give it that more expensive aspect to it as it is a thicker texture it just feels as if it’s really moisturising and hydrating the skin (which it is) as well as removing any makeup or grime from your skin that may have collected throughout the day. This is a product for an older skin type but will benefit anyone and everyone.

Skin care product No.2 – Balancing Lavender Toner.


This toner it’s great for my skin and genuinely helps to balance the oils within my skin, as well as keeping it hydrated. Toners are so underrated but are so important in your skin care routine as it keeps the PH levels in your skin balanced and helps to really hydrate the skin.

Skin care product No.3 – Pro – Collagen Overnight Matrix.


This is brand new to the Elemis Family, it’s a thicker consistency – which I love – and as it feels like I’m putting on an overnight treatment. It helps to leave the skin visibly firmer and smoother. Granted I don’t necessarily need this at the age of 21 but my theory is to get in early and use the products before the effects of age set in keeping back the inevitable… right?

Body are product no. 1 – Sea Lavender and Samphire Bath and Body Milk.

This is a brilliant excuse to have a bath and relax (which we all need to do more of). It smells insane, you can’t smell the lavender in it as that puts some people off but it does leaves your skin smelling truly wonderful, feeling actually nourished, hydrated and so, so, soft. Samphire is actually a type of seaweed not only is it brilliant for the skin its amazing for the body, it helps boost your immune system, improves bone health and helps with weight loss, yes you read that right.
Body product no. 2 – Sea Lavender and Samphire Body Cream.IMG_7140

 Oh my, oh my! This is one of my favourite things in the gift set. So much do I love that I’ve just ordered the FULL SIZE version. Not only does it leave your skin super soft, I keep finding myself stroking my arm,  but its not sticky on your skin after applying like other some moisturisers. One of the main selling points for me is the aroma and it is amazing it’s always hard to try to explain a smell but it’s a delicate and fresh smell and as soon as I smelled it I was in love and now apply it every day.

Enjoy reading,

Ellen x

My New Adventure.

So I arrived in Kos on the 1st of May. I will be living/ working in Kos until the start of November and here i will be managing a salon inside the Lakitiria Beach Resort.

The resort I’m working in is absolutely beautiful and it has been so hot – 28 degrees for the first few days which has been heaven but, wow I’m already in love the island it’s so beautiful.

There’s no messing around here straight into work i go, Setting up the salon. The resorts that Mark Warner use in the winter and summer get packed down as the season comes to the end, which means when the season starts again the managers and heads of departments fly out a week or so earlier to the resort before the hotel opens, this is called start up! When I arrived to my spa its all empty rooms apart from 2, which have all the equipment pack away and labelled, this means i get to redesign the spa to how i’d like it too look. Also in start up you get training for example the standards that are expected, customer service, rules and regulations, which we then go over with our staff members once they’ve arrived.

We have an container which arrives from England with all our stock on. This arrived 6 days into being here and it took the whole team about 4 hours just to unload it. So on the container there was boats, bikes, childcare and of course all the beauty stock! And there was a lot of it.


It’s crazy all the buildings are so pretty there all white and blue and the sea is an unreal turquoise colour! The only thing i’m not a fan of is there Creatures the Ants the same size of spiders and the spiders jump and I’ve now been bitten to shreds by mosquitoes. I can’t go to bed until i know there isn’t a mosquito left in my room… and yes that means I’ve been running around my room at night with a flip flop in my hand, trying to get them.

I’ve gone from eating pizza. pasta, burgers, and a ridiculous amount of cheese in the Alps to eating Greek yogurt and Greek salads. I’m starting to feel like i could be one of those healthy girls we all dream of being but we just love our food to much. Going off that i had my first gyros, so maybe that lifestyle wont be for me. 

The food is to die for, as you all know i love to eat out. so that is what I’ve been doing. I been to a few Greek restaurants and have had the best chicken and  halloumi I’ve ever tasted, the cocktails are pretty good too.I also think that eating your food and sipping on a cocktail while watching the sunset over the sea just makes everything better.

We were lucky enough to have a half day on Friday and Saturday off so naturally we all went to the beach to get the last few rays before we had to get ready for dinner. It was so lovely as everyone came for dinner just before all the craziness of the general staff arriving. We went to a restaurant called ‘Chindian’ which is THE best restaurant ever!! They serve Indian food and Chinese food, yes i know… I was in food heaven. After we all went out had a few drinks and a boogie.

On Saturday a few people were feeling a bit worse for wear but we went for brunch at Skala ( which is my favourite place to go) and then on to a place called kool pool. This is a swimming pool in the middle of the town with sun beds all around the outside, oh and free to get into which is a bonus. we spent all day here recovering, sun-bathing and laughing the day away.


I am now ready for the next week of start up and for the hotel to open.

Back To Reality.

Well what a 5 months!

It was so strange coming home, It was almost like I’d been gone 5 minutes and the whole season was a dream.

Coming home was filled with lots of emotion but excitement was the main one. Getting to see my family, friends and of course my dog.

I came home to birthday banners, presents and all my favourite foods. My first meal back was a curry, now this I’ve been craving all season.

I’ve had an amazing 2 weeks at home, going out for lots of lunches, dinners, day trips catching up with everyone, lots of walks with my pup and celebrating my birthday.

It is very strange to be back in the UK seeing grass and flowers and enjoying the joys of the English weather. I was actually very lucky to experience the 3 days of sun that England had although I wasn’t able to apres in the mountains I made the most of the beer gardens and cocktail bars terrace.

I got to see some of my Frenchie pals from Tignes we all met up in London. Now that was weird seeing everyone in normal clothing and to see them in the big city, It was so lovely too see everyone and to talk about the season, which made me miss it even more… But that isnt it for me.

I’m off again, off to work in Greece for 7 months on a beach resort in Kos as a Salon Manager. I cant wait to be on a beach in the sun with a cocktail… oh and of course working hard.

See you in Greece.